The transformers saga announces its return to the delight of fans. The first movie of transformers came out in 2007 written by Michael Bay and produced by paramount pictures. The last Transformers movie to be released was Bumblee bee and transformers 7 rise of unicorn was delayed till 2021 or late 2020. We all viewed and loved the last transformers movie bumblebee this time it is transformers 7 rise of unicorn that is going to surprise you with epic scenes so be ready paramount pictures is going to surprise you ones more.

Transformers 7 Release Date

Transformers is one of the greatest franchises that have marked our childhood and adulthood with is best CGI  explosion, graphics and action scenes. Transformers is a movie about good Autobots and the wicked ones. The franchise transformers were doing great till its last movie transformers the last night that that was not much appreciated by the fans but the bumblebee bee movie came to clear out the douth that fans had concerning the future of the franchise. This time for transformers 7 the studios had promised to include more stories scenes and not just fighting everywhere.

Hasbro and paramount confirmed the release date of Transformers 7 and have given some information about the multi-billion dollar global franchise. Even if the movie for transformers was delayed until 2020 or early 2021 paramount and Hasbro pictures have ensured it will be released late 2021. The main reasons for the delay of transformers 7 the movie were mainly due to financial concerns, each movie of transformers demanded a lot of costs to produce special effects(CGI). At each release of the film transformers, the critics are chained by the fans and also the departure of Michael bay can also be seen as one of the causes that delayed the release of transformer 7 in cinemas.

transformers 7
Transformers 7 autobots

Transformers is not the most popular saga of cinema even if paramount and Hasbro pictures at the decision to invest a poll in the realization of special effect and much more. fans say transformers franchise was just battles successions in CGI (special effects)with no story to tell. In transformer 6 bumblebee the studios tried to add some scenes with more story and fans expect much of it in the next Transformers movie rise of unicorn.

Transformers 7 rise of unicorn cast

No information about actors in the cast of transformers rise of unicorn but we expect voice actors of Autobots are going to return. The preceding cast member of transformers movie bumblebee may come back but this is not sure.

Paramount and Hasbro pictures are hoping for a franchise reboot at such they may bring up more talented actors.

Transformers 7 rise of unicorn trailer

No official trailer for transformers 7 has been announced yet but we are going to keep you updated with all the latest news concerning the new film (rise of unicorn)

Transformers 7 plot what to expect in rise of unicorn

Fans criticized the franchise transformers of being a succession CGI battles and paramount studios took it seriously as we can see in the bumblebee movie they tried to reduce fighting scenes to add more stories. Fans are also hoping transformers 7 rise of unicorn would come with more stories to tell and not just CGI(special effects) fighting scenes as the first movie in the franchise.

why  they delayed transformers 7 rise of unicorn

Hasbro and paramount face some difficulties concerning the release of transformers rise of unicorn and some of them include:

The real reasons why transformers 7 was delayed

Fans critics.

The succession of CGI battles with little or no story to tell has made each new release of transformers movie more criticized than the previous one. As such no studio would like to invest time and money in the release of a new movie. Its bad reputation for storyless battles makes some people prefer to download the movie illegally to be sure of not missing their money. The franchise transformers’ popularity has been dropping years after years thus making paramount and Hasbro to think investing in the release of a new movie (transformers rise of unicorn 7) will be synonymous with business failures.

Financial concerns

Any new transformers movie to be release demands a huge budget as such investing may be a risk as the audiences decline years after years. For transformers 5 the last knight a budget of 207 million was invested but end up getting only 600 million what a great difference. maybe it’s time to stop the franchise transformers. The future of transformers 7 is uncertain.

Michael Bay’s departure

Michael bays has put his name on the franchise from the beginning his departure may be fatal to the new Transformers movie. Despite the talent of the action filmmaker, paramount could not hold him back supposing that he charges huge amounts of money for the making of each new transformer film.

Is there any more Transformers movies coming out

Transformers 7 rise of unicorn may be the last movie in the franchise. This franchise has already exhausted almost all of the budget allocated. and we don’t think Hasbro pictures and paramount could continue to manage the high cost of the franchise.

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