PS5 Official Price Revealed – $200 More Than PS4

Sony ps5 officail price
Ps5 price

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has just released the price for the next generation gaming console PS5 and the price seems to slightly above the price of PS4 when it was launched. Gamers would have to spend$200 more to enter in possession of the PS5, Sony has set the price of the ps5 to $500 and they supply may be bellow the quantity demanded. Sony expects to sell millions of PS5 consoles during its first months on the market, Sony PlayStation 4 passes 7 million sells worldwide. Despite the $500 cost of the new ps5 gamers worldwide are going to fall on it cause just the design itself is amazing. The official price for the new PS5 is $500!

Sony PS5  cost $500

The official price that gamers are going to pay to acquire the new sony pS5 is $500.The ps5 is going to have a Dualsence controller the new wireless game controllers for PlayStation 5 and not a dualshock5 as most expected.

What are the features of PS5

Sony held a live stream that featured ps5 lead and architect mark Cerny break down the technical specifications of the new console from SSDs to backward compatibility here’s what you would like to know.

The solid-state drive which features a base transfer speed of 5 gigs a second that means games will load a powerful 100 times faster on PS 5 than ps4. Sony wants to mention goodbye to loading screens.let’s mention the dimensions of that SSD, the PS 5 will ship with an 825-gigabyte drive which is an unusual size.

Sony arrived at this number by collecting data on the highest 100 most played ps4 games Cerny believes that 825 gigs are enough for players as installing and uninstalling games are meant to be a much easier process with the new console generation but if that’s not enough for you you’ll be ready to add more storage to the PS5. However, only certain SSDs will be compatible you will need to make sure you’re using m2 drives with PCIe 4.0 supports otherwise they will not work and don’t worry Sony will specify which drives you would have to use.

let’s talk graphics, the PS 5 uses a custom AMD rDNA to GPU Sony didn’t just slap an existing graphics card onto the console this partnership with AMD could lead to some technical findings. for subsequent commercially available AMD card so once you play your PS 5 later this year you will be doing so on cutting-edge technology.

As for the games you’ll be playing, sony aims to form the 100 hottest ps4 games backward compatible at launch and more are going to be vetted on a case-by-case basis sony an AMD are taking backward compatibility.


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