Three out of 1000 pieces of luggage take a different path than the one leading to you! Here’s how to act quickly if the airline loses your luggage.

What To Do When Your Luggage Gets Lost At The Airport

  • Report the loss of your baggage immediately

It can be difficult (especially after a night on the plane, your eyes reddened by lack of sleep) to find the energy to search for the claims office. However, to be refunded or get money to buy essential items while waiting for your luggage to be found, many airlines give you time to report lost luggage. In some cases, this period does not exceed four hours.

The good news is that 79% of lost baggage is simply delayed, according to a report by the International Aeronautical Telecommunications Company – SITA. Immediately report your lost baggage by noting the number appearing on your baggage claim stub. Thus, it will be returned to you as soon as possible.

  • Make a list

Another good news: still according to SITA, in 2015, it took on average less than two days for the air carrier to find the luggage and return it to its owner. So you won’t spend too much time begging for toothpaste. In the meantime, you will still need some basic toiletries and some clothes. So quickly start thinking about the things you will need. Your luggage will likely be found quickly, but make a list of what is contained in the eventuality – quite rare – where it would not be found. This list will be really helpful if you need to fill out a refund request.

  • Ask for compensation in order to buy something to help you out

Most carriers will give you an allowance so that you can get a few necessities while waiting for your luggage. This means that buying a few toiletries, underwear and cheap clothes shouldn’t cost you anything. Find out about your airline’s specific regulations and keep a list of the items you have purchased, your receipts and your baggage claim stub. Ask the carrier how you will be reimbursed and be prepared to wait a month or more before receiving your money.

  • Get refunded for your baggage fees

You may have paid a high price for the “privilege” of traveling with your luggage, which obviously has failed miserably. You are therefore entitled to demand a refund from your carrier. Some credit cards also entitle you to a refund for the purchase of basic items or the contents of your baggage if it is permanently lost – you will need to have paid for the ticket with your card.

  • Watch your baggage search

You have filed a claim for your baggage, you have bought a few essentials and you are now on hold. You will also need to follow up with the airline to see how your baggage is progressing, ask if it has been located and if you will ultimately collect it.

How to Prevent Lost Luggage

people waiting for thier luggage

The worst thing that can spoil your vacation is no-show luggage. Then how could travelers safeguard their stuff? As a solution to that, you can book a nonstop flight or gathered all in a carry-on, but obviously this may not work for everybody so below are some alternatives ways of preventing loss of luggage at the airport.

  1. always make sure to put a name and phone number outside and inside your bags. Luggage tags put on bags may some time get off due to the rough handling but itinerary and contact information which is placed on top of your belonging in your bag would never disappear and this may help in case your luggage is misplaced.
  2. Add some customization to your luggage. By customizing your luggage you can be sure of easily identifying it when it’s coming down.
  3. Do your best to arrive at your departure airport early. Passengers who check-in early rarely get their luggage loss at the airport while does who check in late whether it is just one minute to spare are having greater chances to get separated from their bags. Enough time is needed by airport baggage handlers to process all passenger bags before loading them into the plane. Try to arrive early at the airport especially during busy holiday periods or when you are taking an international flight.
  4. Verify that the employee that checks your baggage attaches the correct destination ticket to all the bags.ask for claim ticket for each bag and don’t leave old tickets on it to avoid confusion. Also opt for a smatter luggage tag, high tech brand tag aboard microchips that travelers can use to find their lost are some brands  tag SupreSmartTag,ReboundTAg, Dynotags
  5. Avoid putting all your valuable items such as medicine, important papers, jewelry, laptops in your checked baggage.pack all of this in your carry-on.considder the best carry-on bag found here best carry-on bag 2020
  6. Draw a list of packed items and their estimated value before you leave. This is going to help you in case missing to prove the luggage belongs to you.


How to Appeal Your Lost Luggage Complaint

Whenever you can reach a satisfactory resolution and you think you need better assistance. Send a complaint to the Department of Transportation’s this works in most cases to enter in possession of your lost luggage.


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