OPera GX the browser designed to enhance the best gaming experience online has been released by the company Opera the Norwegian company specialized in the development of web browsers since 1995. Opera GX is the fist gaming web browser on the market. Its claim Opera Gx is the fastest web browser, most intelligent, contains add blockers and optimizes gaming experience as well as browsing. In this article, we are going to talk Opera Gx features and answer most of your questions like what is Opera GX, what is a gaming browser

What Is Opera GX

Opera GX is the first gaming browser to be developed.it is an advanced version of the opera browser to complement gaming. Opera GX comes with special features to enable a user to get the most gaming as well as browsing experience.

Opera Gx really got the gamer look. Its the fastest and the most intelligent web browser with a VPN integrated into it. Any slow down gaming experience can be solved with Opera GX. Opera GX is a desktop web browser for Windows PC and Mac OS. The browser was designed to be used within a game but is not available for gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Just like opera, this other version is based on chromium and the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser and website equally look the same as in Chrome with possibilities of installing chrome extension in the browser.

GX browser is built with very interesting CPU and RAM limiter feature but still speed up your pc gaming experience and it can be download for free on windows and mac os computers. Opera gx is the best alternative for gamers because it has a VPN integrated already so no more border to look for gaming. Opera gx is an all in one browser gaming-inspired. It equally maintains a fast speed internet access no matter the network used.

what are the features of opera gx

Opera GX’s unique look and clever design have been awarded the Red Dot Award for its interface design.

Gaming Theme With Razer Chroma Integration

GX opera browser designed for gamers and such opts for dark themes and bright colors typical of gaming peripherals and PCs.You can choose your browser color by clicking on the easy setup icon at the top right corner of the browser. You can go further by choosing a customized wallpaper to integrate into the browser.

Opera gx
opera gx browser wallpaper

Activate the “Razer Chroma” option and the color chosen in the browser will be duplicated chrome enabled accessories you own like Razer’s DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse.GX opera is one of the first browsers that allows users to decide on the theme and the special effects they want.

opera gx CPU and ram control

One of the most interesting features this browser has is the GX Control.if you click on the GX Control button in the sidebar, and you’ll get a panel with a RAM limiter and CPU Limiter given you the possibility to force the browser to use only 3 GB of your system’s 12 GB of RAM or limit it to 10% of your system’s CPU resources. With this gx browser feature, you are no more forced to close down your browser to play a game online.

GX Control feature was designed to make people’s games run more smoothly without requiring them to compromise whatever they are doing on the web explain by Opera’s Maciej Kocemba.

Twitch Integration

Opera designed the gx browser in such a way that its users would never miss any livestream.with the twitch integrated into the sidebar you can easily see channels you follow, who’s online, and decide to receive notifications whenever someone you follow starts a live stream.

Video Pop-Out and Ad Blocker

Watch youtube videos and twitch on opera gx browser, The video stays visible in a floating window over tabs and over other applications. Enjoy a smoother ad-free web with the browser built-in adblocker which can be disposable by a single click. Play video over a game with the gx browser.

Free VPN

After the integration of a free VPN in the Opera browser, now it is time for the opera gx browser to benefit of a free VPN to hide the gamer location and bypass geo-restrictions. Navigation on the internet is more facilitated with this app that is free to download.

what is a gaming browser

The browser is most built with features for gamers but could not improve your gaming experience dramatically. The browser is made of a gaming theme with Razer Chroma integration. It has a Twitch panel and the game sound effects were developed by a game soundtrack designer. The GX control boosts your performance, Built-in RAM and CPU limiters limits restrict how much memory and CPU time your web browser uses.

opera gx games
Gx browser

This browser is built for gamers, It features news about upcoming games and a deals aggregator with links to games on sale on the GX Corner.The dark themes mirror of the web browser is made for easier viewing late at night.

Is opera gx good? why you should trust it

You would get all features of the opera browser in this new version opera gx browser. Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp are integrated in the gx opera browser, and you can chat right from your browser’s interface. What is really cool with the Gx browser is that you can choose your wallpaper, free VPN integrated , Adblock, extension store floating video over a game and its unique appearance.

Download opera gx browser for window and mac os

Here are the downloads links for  Opera gx browser the new browser developed by Opera Software AS

Opera GX 64.0.3417.172 for Windows 32-bit

Opera GX 64.0.3417.172 for Windows 64-bit

Opera GX 64.0.3417.172 for macOS

Download one of the opera gx version above and optimize your
gaming experience with a bonus free VPN.

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