The official release date for On My Block has finally been fixed by Netflix. On my block is an original Netflix teen series that has successfully gain the heart of fans.viewers  worldwide have been asking when will season three of on my block comes out?. The official release date of on my block season 3 is on 11 March 2020 don’t miss.

when does season three of on my block comes out?

On My Block has season has been reported as already finished filming and the premiere of on my block on Netflix is on Wednesday 11 March 2020. Unlike on my block season 2, season 3 of on my block is going to touch fans’ heartstring this year again. Below is a thriller of on my block season 3 to give you a brief apercu of what is coming.

On my block season 3 official Trailer

watch the official trailer of on my block to know more about what is coming.


The young actors of On My Block were previously earning $20000 per episodes in the first two seasons of on my block and are know trying to uplift their payments to the level of the actors of 13 Reasons For who earned about $65000 on each episode and the young actors may end up earning $81250 per episodes on the fourth season of on my block.

Where to watch On My Block season 3

On my block premiere will be on Netflix on Wednesday 11 march 2020 click the link here to watch on my block season 3 online

Who are the actors to appear in On My Block season 3?

The main actors in the cast of On My Block season 3 include:

  • Sierra Capri
  • Jason Genao
  • Brett Gray
  • Diego Tinoco
  • Jessica Marie Garcia

It was reported early in august that Julio Macias who played the role of Oscar ‘Spooky’ Diaz would no longer be part of the show this time around. His performance is going to miss his fans.No more Spooky in on my block season 3

What to expect in on my block season 3

In the last episodes of on my block season 2, Monse left the freeridge for her boarding school and she is been kidnaped with some friends. Season 3 of on my block is going to have lots of scenes were the life of the actors are threatened. It’s going to be all about action and drama.

would there be a season for 4 for on my block?

It is surely a little bit too early to start predicting for a season 4 of On My Block.But what is sure is that if the series continues to be popular it may surely pass the curse of 3 seasons.

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