coronavirus movie -watch the movie that predicted coronavirus online

Movies that predicted coronavirus

coronavirus movie -moviest that predicted coronavirus
coronavirus movie -moviest that predicted coronavirus

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the search for pandemic movies online has reached the top. There are many films that are related to the coronavirus pandemic; contagion, pandemic, and more. Here is the most watch movie online related to coronavirus pandemic, watch the free coronavirus movie online here directly on youtube. Stay home be safe!

coronavirus movie

This is a movie similar to the coronavirus pandemic that has forced most countries to declare a total lockdown. Looking at this movie we may think it was aimed at preparing us for the outbreak of coronavirus. This coronavirus movie starts with the death of a young guy on a plane, after his mysterious death all passengers were put in quarantine but one of the passengers in the plane escaped and jump in the city propagating the virus unconsciously.

By looking at this movie your consciousness of the risk of propagating the coronavirus will increase and maybe many of those not following the barrier rules to coronavirus are going to start respecting it. Coronavirus is reality don’t ignore it, stay home, and be safe. Watch coronavirus movie full length online at this youtube address.

Coronavirus movies watch online

movies that predicted coronavirus

These are the top 10 movies that predicted an outbreak like coronavirus

Contagion in this coronavirus movie they ask to not talk to anybody or touching




The Omega Man

World war Z

The Andromeda strain

The hot zone – The fighting spread of EVD(ebolavirus)

12 monkeys


These are the movies like coronavirus watch it to get an idea of this new coronavirus which is a reality, Stay home be safe.

Movies to watch during coronavirus lockdown

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, movies were still released. The coronavirus causes the delay of many films like no time to die James bond, and many others but some production houses decided to release their movie even without a premiere in the cinema. Below are the movies released during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown


Guns akimbo

Spencer confidential

Black widow

Trolls world tour

invisible man

Bad boys for life


Movies to watch at home during coronavirus

Watch money heist season 4



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