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Every year the counseling firm Henley & Partners publishes the Visa Restriction Index which is aimed at ranking the most powerful passports in the world. According to the visa restriction index, a country is said to have the most powerful passport when its passport opens most borders without requiring a visa or with few procedures.

Countries With The Most Powerful Passport

Not all passports are equal.some may open the doors of many countries without problems while others compel their owner to carry out numerous steps to travel. Here are the most powerful passports in the world according to the Henley Passport Index of 2020.

JAPANĀ  leads with 191 destinations around the world with no visa or visa at arrival

The result of the Henley Passport Index of 2020 placed JAPAN at the top of the list of countries having the most powerful passport of the world retrograding SINGAPORE to the second position. The JAPANESE passport gives its owners the capacity of traveling to 190 countries without a visa or visa supplied at the arrival. This is the second time JAPAN passport is taking the first position as the world’s most powerful passport.

The second position is occupied by SINGAPORE with a score of 190

This year Singapore passport takes the second position and offers access to 190 countries followed closely by South Korea and Germany.

SOUTH KOREA and GERMANY takes the third position with a score of 189

It is clearly shown that Asian countries are the countries with the most powerful visa in 2020 as the are found at the top of the list of the Henley Passport Index. Other European countries like Finland and Spain occupy the fourth position, Spain, Luxembourg, and Denmark coming to fifth, France and Sweden take No.6, Austria, Irelan, Netherland, Portugal, and Switzerland No.7, Belgium, Greece, Norway, United Kingdom, United States take No.8, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Malta, Newzealand No.9, Hungary, Lithuania, and Slovakia take No.10.


Top 10 Countries With most Powerful Passports

The United States and the United Kingdom continue to slide downward (8th). This is so surprising because 5 years back in 2015 they jointly held the 5th position.

World most Weakest Passports

Although some passport provides you a visa-free entry or visa supplied at the arrival to more than 180 countries others guarantee free entry to less than 40 countries. Below are the world’s most weakest passports and the number of countries they get free access to.

  1. Afghanistan (26)
  2. Iraq (28)
  3. Syria (29)
  4. Somalia, Pakistan (32)
  5. Yemen (33)








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