Money Heist(La casa de papel ) is the Spanish series that has ever broken the records of the first-week result for a NetFlix non-English series. when Alex pina created the series it was to be only in 2 parts but after the great success the first and second part of the money heist he was forced to continue to part 3 three and know we are waiting season 4 of money heist 3 march 2020. despite the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix has engaged in releasing the most awaited series of the year (money heist) to fans.put on your redjumpsuits and be ready to watch money heist season 4 Chaos.

Watch Money Heist Season 4 (La Casa De Papel) And Download

Money heist a Spanish series firstly broadcasted on the Spanish tv Antena 3  in 2017 is known on Netflix. If you don’t yet have a Netflix account hurry up to subscribe cause the money heist is already available and don’t forget your redjumsuits to be in the mood like the professor and his band commonly known in Spain as the money heist gang or redjumsuits gang. In the last episodes of season 3 of the money heist, the professor promised us it would no more be heist but chaos(Bloody war) so be ready sensible soul to withhold.

According to Netflix, the money heist is the most watch series of all the time after the umbrella academy and stranger casa de papel is available in English, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese language. About 44 million people around the world watch la casa de papel and the number is expected to double significantly with part 4 of the money heist.

The link to watch the money heist would be provided to you immediately after Netflix has realized it on the 3 of March 2020 and we shall equally provide a download link. The chaos is already close so be ready to watch.

               Money Heist Season 4 What To Expect

Nobody could imagine the money heist gang going in for another heist. This time at the Reserve Bank of Spain as the protagonist ends up being millionaires after their last heist and the Professor bringing them back together again for another heist seemed something remotely impossible but the money heist crew proof us once more that they had different characteristics. They are not just bank robbers but professional bank robbers.

After the brief ending of la Casa de Papel season 3, questions are arising from everywhere and the most asked question is, how was the money heist gang going to escape the bank with all the gold?

We have analyzed almost all the floating theories about the possible ways which the money heist gang could use to escape the bank and we came up with this possible outcome. Tatiana whos is a berlin ex-girlfriend could play a major role in helping the professor and the money heist gang to escape the bank. But how? she has been told intimate details about the bank heist previously by berlin Berlin before he died. Just a few days left for the release of the season 4 of money heist(la casa de papel) we are all going to see how the money heist gang will manage to escape the bank with the gold.

Money Heist Part 4 Official Trailer Netflix

Money heist season 4 has reportedly already finished filming and the release date according to Netflix is on the 3 of March 2020. The recent trailer on the money heist by Netflix prepares the viewers for chaos. This time the Professor tactic has changed as he believes Raquel was executed by the police officers and he tells Palermo This is no longer a Heist but a war.So I suggest to you all who are fans of the money heist all over the globe to take out your redjumsuits with your masks Salvador Dali and be ready for the Money Heist season 4 premiere on NetFlix on the 3 April 2020.

In the latest trailer of money heist season 4 released by Netflix, you can see berlin who died in season 2 and Nairobi killed in season 3. we don’t know what Alex pina is playing but we can see that he has brought the characters back to life for the season 4 of the money heist.

Would There Be a Season 5 Of The Money Heist

No one could imagine that the series which was supposed to be only in two parts could cross and reach the fourth season. Despite the fulgurant success of the series, we don’t think Alex pina would continue the show. But if it is the case we promise to keep you informed.

How or Were To Watch Honey Heist season 4

You can watch the money heist from season 1 to 4 directly on Netflix all you have to do is to subscribe to an account or if it is not available in your region you can use a VPN to watch it.Netflix is free for the first month after the purchase of an account. You can still be patient and wait when the entire season of the money heist season 4 would be available for all.

The free link to view and download the money heist season 4 will be made available immediately it is released.

Download  money heist

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