The shortage of jobs sometimes pushes us beyond our limits. so why not do something on the internet to increase your monthly income.many are not yet aware of clickbank affiliate programs which enable thousands of people around the world in making money online. If it is your first time hearing about affiliate marketing or clickbank affiliate market place then you are lucky.we are going to show you step by step how to make money online with clickbank.


  • What is clickbank
  • how does clickbank works
  • How to creat a clickbank account
  • Which clickbank product to promote
  • How to get your clickbank affiliate links
  • Where or how to promote clickbank products
  • why most affiliate marketers choose clickbank affiliate marketing program
  • How to make money with clickbank
  • How to withdraw money from clickbank

What is clickbank

Clickbank affiliate marketing is a platform that serves as a marketplace for both people who create products and affiliates to make money without any agreement.clickbank gives the opportunity to affiliate marketers to make money by selling products for which in return they gain a commission some time s up to 70%. Clickbank affiliate marketing program was launched in 1998 by Eileen Barber and since then it has helped thousands of digital creators and affiliates around the world in making more money by selling their product online.

Most affiliate marketers know about clickbank and would encourage any newbie to affiliate marketing to create an account, log in, choose a product and start making money online with clickbank cause it really works prooven by John Crestani and many others.

How does clickbank work

Clickbank affiliate market place serves as a middle man between the creators of digital products like ebooks, videos, music, etc and people who can sell the product beginners or expert affiliate marketers. In fact, everybody can promote clickbank products.clickbank affiliate marketing program welcome everyone who wishes to promote his her product or promote other creators product.

Clickbank fulfills two functions, product market place for affiliate, E-commerce platform for information product owners.

product market place for affiliate

it is free to join.affiliate marketers just have to choose the product they would like to promote, create an affiliate link and boom start making money. Affiliate marketers can see their revenue in real-time. Click here to register to the clickbank university

E-commerce platform for information product owners

IF you own a product, add it to clikbank database and clickbank is going to create an affiliate program as well ensuring the E-commerce platform for the sum of $49.95.

How to creat  clickbank account

There nothing difficult in creating a clickbank account all you have to do is go to the official website.

Go to  click on create an account bar found at the top right of the page

how to creat a cickbank account
steps for the easy creation of a clickbank account

after you have click on create an account a form is going to display enter your personal information. The sign-up process requires you to submit your personal information, banking information and lastly your account information.

when entering your information in the banking section make sure you have read the client contract and agreed to the terms and conditions. It is better to put in some time in feeling the banking information section to avoid payment difficulties when the time to withdraw money from clickbank comes.

after you have filled in the relevant information hit the submit button and a survey page will appear as below. fill it and click on submit.

The last step remaining is to verify your email address. To confirm your email address, simply go to the email inbox of the email address you provided up and check clickbank email. simply click on the link found on the mail sent to you by clickbank and your account would be fully setup.

Which clickbank product to promote

Most often newbies in affiliate marketing would found it difficult to choose a clickbank product to promote. For the year 2020, expert affiliate marketers would tell you to choose products like weight loose ebooks, traveling ebooks, electronics, etc in fact just choose the niche you know more about and which you think you can easily convince someone to buy.

Choosing the right product to promote is not often easy thus you need to know what is a great product to promote. below are the Criteria of a quality product wich you can promote and make money faster.

  1. Native sales page
  2. Gravity above 20 (meaning the page has a high rate of conversion)
  3. Low-cost initial offer with up to 3 upsales
  4. Products with good reviews online (low refunds = more money and less list burnout)

How to get  clickbank affiliate links

After you have log in to your clickbank account, switch to the marketplace and Browse to categories on the left side or use the Find Products box above to search by keyword.onse you have found the product you wish to promote just click on the promote button beside it and a new page would display, click on generate hoplinks the copy your clickbanks affiliated link generated and you are ready to start pasting it on Facebook, Instagram, your blog or forums.

clickbank hoplink generator
how to generate clickbank hoplink generator

You can earn a 75.0% commission for every customer you refer to this product.clickbank affiliate expert marketers would advise you to shorten your URLs before using them. Write attractive content to accompany your clickbank affiliate links to reach a greater audience.

how to promote clickbank products

The first thing a clickbank affiliate marketer has to do is to choose the right place to promote a product. If you don’t own a website you can still promote your product on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram or even in forums. If affiliate marketer like John Crestani is able to make $100 each day just by promoting clickbank product on Facebook then why not you.

Once you have chosen a product, let say for example you have chosen a weight loss ebook the next thing to do is to choose a social media platform like facebook , Instagram what so ever and search for groups or pages that talk of weight loss with the highest number of post per day and with an important number of members. when you have succeeded in joining these groups what you need to do is to write some little content about the product you are promoting and at the end of it put in your clickbank affiliate link and wait for your potential buyers to click. Be ready to interact in the comment section of your content or other people content while not forgetting to add your clickbank affiliate links whenever the occasion proposes.

promote facebook product on clickbank
This is how to promote clcikbank product on facebook

Sacrify 2-3 hours a day for posting your clickbank affiliate links in social media groups or build a big fan page, engage it and drive traffic organically.By doing this you are sure of getting your $100 from clickbank in just one week and making money online would no longer be a mystery for you.

why most affiliate marketers choose clickbank affiliate marketing program

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms and this is why.



  • You can sell in most countries
  • Highly paid offers (70% commission most often)
  • Several recurring offers to sell, for ongoing income
  • Takes the tech out of the way
  • Multi platform(can sell on all social media)
  • No cost require to start promoting clickbank product


  • Too much competition on popular products
  • Lots of shitty products & sales pages
  • Hard to tell what does well without investing traffic


How to make money with clickbank

All the different processes to enable you to make money online with click bank have been revealed to you up. Read it carefully and apply, if you do the right things then you would start earning money online with clickbank just withing a little lap of time.

How to withdraw money from clickbank

Clickbank is a massive online store and affiliate network and can process its own payment through secured order forms but equally accept PayPal and Payoneer as forms of payments. Below are the following ways through wich clickbank pays it affiliate marketers.

  1. Check deposit.
  2. Direct deposit. Here you are required to link your clickbank account to PayPal
  3. Get paid by wire transfer. The additional cost for each wire transfer is $35 so we don’t recommend this payment method.
  4. Get paid by Payoneer

Click to join ClickBank affiliate marketing program to start making money online.

I hope this ClickBank review is going to help you start making money online. If have any question concerning the topic feel free to let us know in the comment box below or contact us directly via email at meduznetgroup

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