La Casa De Papel – Money Heist Season 4 Official Release Date


La Casa de Papel being a Spanish series has however broken the records of the first week ever result for a NetFlix non-english series. The money heist has an estimated number of of viewers of about 44 million people over the world. After the dramatic ending of money heist season 3, fans have been asking many questions on how season 4 of the money heist is going to look like but don’t worry an official release date has already been fixed.

When Will Season 4 Of Money Heist Release On NetFlix

Money heist season 4 has reportedly already finished filming and NetFlix has fixed the official release date of the money heist season 4 for the 3 April 2020. The thriller tease that viewers should prepare for chaos.

After the dramatic ending of the money heist season 3, many questions have been floating on how the Money Heist Gang were going to escape the bank and whether or not they are actually well. This time the Professor tactic changes as he believes Raquel was executed by the police officers and he tells Palermo “This is no longer a Heist but a war“. So I suggest to you guys who are fans of the most popular Spanish series La Casa De Papel to take out your redjumpsuits for the Money Heist season 4 premiere on NetFlix on the 3 April 2020.

Watch The official thriller of  La Casa De Papel “Money Heist part 4”

Hope after viewing the thriller you got a brief apercu of what the money heist season 4 is going to look like.

Money Heist Season 4 What To Expect

Nobody could imagine the money heist gang going in for another heist this time at the Reserve Bank of Spain as the protagonist end up millionaires and the Professor putting them together again for another heist seemed something remotely impossible but the money heist crew proof us once more that they had different characteristics.

Following the tense ending of la Casa de Papel season 3, questions are arising from everywhere and the most asked question is, how was the money heist gang going to escape the bank with all the gold?

Some theories floating around about what could happen next says Tatiana whos is berlin ex-girlfriend could play a major role in helping the professor and the money heist gang to escape the bank as she has been told intimate details about the bank heist previously by berlin Berlin before he died.

Money Heist: Part 4 Official Trailer Netflix


Get your redjumpsuits ready for the 3 April 2020.Its no more a heist but a war(chaos)

Is there a season 5 and 6 of money heist?

To answer this question we first have to watch season 4 of Money Heist. Stay tuned on NetFlix Part 4 of Money Heist debuts exclusively on Netflix April 3rd, 2020.

watch money heist la casa de Papel season 4 all episodes


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