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Ipvanish how it woks full review

Ipvanish review for 2020

IPVanish is the most reliable VPN on the market. The VPN service guarantees secure access and high speeds with the capacity of supporting up to 10 devices simultaneous connections on most platforms making it an ideal deal for companies or large families. Ipvanish is the best VPN to secures your web traffic from prying eyes and even though they are based in the united state of America they still have a strong no-log policy. Ipvanish It is a little more expensive than other VPNs, but offers advantages that other services do not have. Here is why ipvanish has a rating score of 4.8 on the store.

What Is a VPN? How does it work?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network and it establishes a secured connection to a remote location. It also hides the origin of your traffic. You’ll establish a tunnel into your service provider’s network and tunnel all of your traffic through the service provider. This effectively hides your origin and makes your network access look like you’re coming from the service provider’s network.

ipvanish kill switch
How a VPN function

When you connect to a public wifi everyone else in the network can see all the traffic you’re sending out if it’s not encrypted. You can never tell who is actually in that same wifi as you are. So if you send any sensitive data over these unencrypted channels everyone else in the network can see those.VPNs like ipvanish is a very good solution to remediate this easily. When you establish a VPN connection, it encrypts all the traffic regardless of what resources you’re using. So you don’t really have to worry about whether your connection is to a secured website or not.VPN(Ipvanish VPN) is a simple and cheap solution to stay secure and help anonymize yourself online.

IPVanish  Review – Most Honest

IPVanish is a VPN company based in the united states of America and has a network with 40,000+ shared IPs, and 1,300 P2P-friendly servers in 75+ locations. Ipvanish owns and manages its own servers, therefore it has more control over how the network and servers are set up and run. Spanish was launched in 1999 and has since established itself as a safe and reliable VPN provider. Ipvanish offers the best VPN speeds in the industry.

10 device simultaneous connection. Ipvanish is one of the only VPN services providers that offer the possibility of connecting 10 different devices with the same account and also support all the major platforms like Android, IOs,macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV. With one account you can connect your devices at work and that of the family at home(great savings).

Ipvanish is the best VPN for accessing streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other geographically lock content easily. Ipvanish has different methods of payment that favorize the anonymity like paying with bitcoins. Other VPN service providers offer a 30 to 45 days money-back guarantee but ipvanish allows only a 7-day money-back guarantee as they claim their VPN is risk-free. They equally have a 24/7 customer support service to solve encounter problems.

IPVanish servers list and location

The more the number of servers location the greater the chances to find a fast server and it also means more options for location spoofing. Even when traveling abroad you are sure of having the fastest VPN connection with ipvanish because its server location covers 51 countries.Ipvanish is among the rare competitors to offer servers in Africa and South America continent which are often ignored. Other competitors like Nordvpn have servers in more than 80 countries.

Ipvansih server map
Ipvansih server map

Ipvanish currently has 1,300 servers for its users. The number of servers varies according to the number of users when the number of users increases the number of servers consequently increases. Competitors like  Nordvpn own offer 5,200 servers across the world followed by CyberGhost, ExpressVPN which have approximately 3000 servers each.Ipvanish is planning to expand the number of its servers to ensure they will be no overcrowding in the future.

Other VPNs companies turn to use virtual servers. A virtual server is configured to appear as if they are operating in a different country than the hardware on which they operate but has some upsides.IPVanish simply doesn’t use virtual servers.

IPVanish Speed Test

Ipvanish has the privilege to own its personal server infrastructure. Its server network’s main functions are to provide security with the maximum speed possible. Whenever you are using a VPN you would obviously face slower download speeds, slower upload speeds, and increased latency. This is common among all the VPN providers but some make efforts to attenuate the effects.

IP Vanish’s performance is higher than that of competing VPNs because its VPN servers and tunnels are entirely dedicated to the needs of its customers. The fastest VPN service. If you want to carry out VPNs speeds test go Ookla which is owned by PCMag.

ipvanish speed test on mac and window
Ipvanish speed test on mac and window

Average transfer and download speeds in European countries and the United States are fast enough to satisfy most users, Ipvanish speed is slightly lower than some best VPNs we have tested. Connection speeds out of Europe aren’t at their top and its not only the case of ipavanish but for all VPNs.

Privacy and security

IPVanish performed well in all privacy and security tests.Ipvanish has an AES 256-bit encryption together with OpenVPN protocol which are the best VPN security features considered to be unbreakable. I recommend this VPN for its kill switch functionality whenever the is VPN connection is broken, the kill switch will block all traffic to keep your data and identity secure.IPVanish’s apps include good privacy and security features.

Ipvanish was forced to move all its installation in china and Russia when their data retention laws changed proving they care more about their user’s privacy rather than making profits.IPVanish is a zero-logs VPN service provider meaning they do not keep records of any connection, traffic, or activity.we also performed a DNS leak test but it revealed no issues.

Get Around Censorship Filters.

Ipvanish has great website unblocking abilities. Ipvanish bypasses almost all internet censorship to grant its users access to geo-lock content, streaming sites and torrent download while ensuring total privacy and security.IPVanish provides access to 1,400+ anonymous servers, delivering fast, unrestricted internet access to enjoy the purest internet possible

Netflix Streaming and Torrenting

Many VPN provides use their geographical unblocking capacities as advertising argument which most of the time do not work. IPVanish does not make this aspect an advertising argument but they have servers capable of accessing Netflix, BBC, Hulu, Disney+ and many other stream services across the world regardless of your geolocation. Some times, Netflix may detect the usage of a VPN for this just change the old IP address to a new one when streaming or torrenting.

You may put your self in trouble when streaming or torrenting. Torrenting is the biggest culprit, in countries like Canada downloading copyrighted content is illegal(torrenting) and many movie and tv show industries are putting in lots of effort to stop it by suing people who torrent their content. To get out of troubles Canadians and other people facing this risk make use of VPNs like ipvanish that has Kill Switch. Ipvanish kill switch disconnects your computer from the Internet if the VPN connection fails. The best VPNs to use either for streaming or downloading torrents are those that have an automatic kill switch.

Ipvanish is the fastest and fastest-growing top tier VPN in the world.ipvanish servers stream 1080p video without stopping to buffer.VPNs that work with Netflix .ipvanish provide the fastest speed for Real-time Online Gaming.

Does IPVanish work with Netflix? yes, it does and even ensures security while streaming or torrenting. best VPNs for Netflix and our recommended free VPNs for streaming

IPVanish apps – Android app

IP Vanish offers several apps that allow you to quickly and securely connect to the internet from their VPN network. The android app offers a wide range of features that often confuse newbies but the IP Vanish website explains very clearly how to connect and how to configure your account according to your desires and needs. It would be much better if IP Vanish proposed some default settings for Streaming and Downloading, which are the two most popular features among internet users.

The first page of ipvanish displays a Quick Connect screen that displays your current IP and location, lists a target country, city, server, and provides a Connect button to speedily get you online. The app by default selects the fastest server.

Ipvanish app for android 1
ipvanish android app
Ipvanish app for android 1


Ipvansh app has more options than that of the competitors. You can decide to make OpenVPN UDP or TCP connections or choosing between speed optimization or VPN reliability for more privacy online. The android version of ipvanish has a kill switch that blocks the internet connection when the VPN is disconnected and split tunneling feature that allows you to select apps you don’t want to use IPVanish.Download ipvanish for android phone on google play store.

Ipvanish disposes of apps for all major platforms  Android, Chromebooks, iOS, Linux, macOS and also supports an app for Amazon Fire TV but does not provide browser plugins. All the apps are designed to consider privacy and security online.

IPVanish SugarSync

Each person that subscribe to IPVanish now gets a SugarSync account with a sizeable 250GB of secure  free web storage, convenient for backups, file-sharing or whatever else you might want to do. Ipvanish call this bundle security suite.SugarSync is very easy to use. You can add a Windows folder to your account from its right-click menu and it would be synchronized across all your devices with maximum protection.

How much does IPVanish cost?

How much is ipvanish?In the past ipvanish monthly plan was at $11 but for now, for just $5 you can subscribe to the month to month plan. The yearly plan is at $3.25 instead of $143.88 making it more affordable and saving up to 73%.ipvanish is billed at $39.00 for the first year. The three-month subscription will be billed at $ 4.50 per month, the equivalent of $13.50 instead of $35 as in the past. With the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, many VPN providers have cut their prices to support the workers and families at home for the quarantine period.

ipvanish different plans availble for subscribtion
ipvanish plans and pricing

You can easily find a cheaper VPN or even a free VPN for sure, but this price guarantees you a stable and reliable VPN.Ipvanish offers 250gb free cloud storage(SugarSync).

ipvanish 7 day money back guarantee
ip vanish 7-day money-back guarantee

is ipvanish free?

ipvanish is a premium VPN consequently they can not offer their services free because they need money for server maintenance. Subscribe to ipvanish VPN yearly plan at $3.25 instead of $143.88 making it more affordable and saving up to 73%.ipvanish is billed at $39.00 for the first year. The three-month subscription will be billed at $ 4.50 per month, the equivalent of $13.50 instead of $35 as in the past. Some other VPN providers offer their services at a cheaper rate than that of ipvanish but ipvanish at this price guarantees you a stable and reliable VPN connection.

IPVanish Customer support

Not all VPN providers are at the top when it comes to customer service. Most of them give the option to chat live with a help desk employee. This is fine for simple questions, but not ideal for more complex problems.

Ipvanish proposes very practical tutorials to install its application on all operating systems. The website also offers a well-designed help section. However, it does not offer live chat: customer service can only be reached by email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer support service replies to all messages but some times with little delays. Therefore, we question whether if IPVanish customer service is really available at all hours of the day and night, as the company claims. Fortunately, the answers are generally concise and effective meaning employees are aware of the most common problems faced by VPN users.

Review verdict

Ipvanish, when compared to other VPN networks,Ipvanish has a lot to offers like the capability of connecting 10 simultaneous devices, built-in Kill Switches,250gb of free cloud storage.IP Vanish is a great tool to bypass geoblocking and use BitTorrent as much as you want, which is a very nice feature. But the fact that it is based in the US makes us to dought about its ability to protect your privacy. Ipvanish alternatives are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

expensive and a little more complicated to use than other VPNs, but it offers some interesting advantages. High reliability and good connection speed

Why we think ipvanish is one of the best VPNs on the market
  • Surf the Web Without a Trace.
  • Get Around Censorship Filters.
  • Make any Internet Connection Secure.
  • Protect Every Device You Own



  • Fast and secure connections
  • 10 device simultaneous connection
  • No logs
  • Allows BitTorrenting and Netflix streaming
  • 250GB web free storage


  • Difficult to use the app for beginners
  • Limited global server presence.


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