You are just from creating a fresh Instagram account either to support product, brand or for your personal usage and you want to get more Instagram followers to make your profile more visible on Instagram here is the ultimate guide to help you grow your Instagram profile from 0 to 20k Instagram followers within a short period of time.

How To Get More Instagram Followers and likes

Instagram is really the best social media were to promote brands of all sizes and shape to gain visibility and make some sales to your followers’ list. Thousands of structures like Hotels Restaurant, Fitness clubs and many other uses Instagram to expose their activities with the aim of attracting more client to their store but it is not always easy to grow an engaged and loyal audience. Here are some guides to get more Instagram followers that have been revealed by Instagram influencers.

Engagement groups,

This is really the most simple way of getting more Instagram followers.IF you are just from creating a new in new Instagram account the best thing to do first is joining engagement groups. In engagement groups, its likes for likes and follow for follow. Here you just have to follow many people as you can and they would follow you back. its mostly used by newbies to gain Instagram followers. There are a lot of Instagram engagement groups joint them and grow your followers’ list.

The reason why you should joint engagement groups is to gain some followers to add a little bit of credibility to a newly created Instagram account. Some friends of mine got 2,000 new Instagram followers using this strategy in just 2 weeks.

Be creative and have your own style

People may decide not to follow you just because of the type of content which you publish. If you are starting a new account and hope of gaining more Instagram followers avoid publishing unattractive contains because your firs post already gives an idea of your future contain. Your followers would always want to see more of the same content each day.

To be more visible on Instagram you have to post at least one content each day. If you have a fan page about pets images by posting every day will encourage people to follow so as to continue having the beautiful pet’s image you post every day.

Don’t forget to create an attractive profile picture with a BIO and you can also add some emojis and hashtags in your bio to make it more attractive.

The use of hashtags to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram uses hashtags to sort and filter data. It is possible of using up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post but just because the number is up to 30 means should through it all in your post. Avoid irrelevant hashtags and use as max 10-15 hashtags per post. The usage of irrelevant Instagram hashtags may be seen as a spamming act and you may end up receiving an Instagram shadowban.

Whenever you create an Instagram post make sure you include only relevant hashtags the reason for using hashtags this is to help people discover your posts.

Here is how to found some suitable hashtags to help increase Instagram followers

  • Use hashtags you found were successful on a post
  • Adopt hashtags used by some Instagram  influencers in the same niche as you
  • Type some keywords relevant to your post and let the Instagram search function bring out the list of most relevant hashtags and choose hashtags that match your content.

You can also make use of social media tools to find the best hashtags

with these social media tools, you can create a bulk library of popular hashtags from which you can choose any time you are creating a post.


it provides the most relevant post related to a hashtag. Iconsquare is an analytic tool for Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram hashtag generator

Instagram hashtag generator makes use of image recognition technology to identify the most popular hashtags on Instagram at a particular period of time. All that you have to do is to insert an image and the tool is going to generate relevant hashtags based on the image you uploaded.

Repost  content to get more followers on Instagram

when you are debuting with social marketing and building an Instagram store you can start by reposting other’s content by not forgetting to credit the original poster in the description. Look for popular posts on Instagram and repost them using Instagram repost apps.


How to get more followers on Instagram using Instagram followers apps

you can use Instagram followers apps to generate up to a thousand followers instantly.but most often there are not real Instagram followers. Just a few numbers of Instagram followers apps work for real. Here are they are

Followers & Likes Tracker for Instagram – Repost

This app enables you to see your new and lost followers, find your fake followers, fake following, mutual followers.

Watch, Repost Instagram Stories, Videos

Get followers and  get likes

This is a free app that provides both followers and likes with information about hashtags and followers which could help you in decision-making which could help gain more Instagram followers.


TagsForLikes helps you add hashtags to your Instagram pictures faster. You MAY get more likes/followers as a result of this. It’s a great App to sort out  Tags and get more likes.










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