10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2020 : High paying

High paying Google Adsense alternatives 2020

best google adsense alternatives
top 10 alternatives to google adsense to make more revenue

Just from creating a blog or website and you wish you could be making money from it then you are the right place,today we are presenting the best alternatives to google adsense to monetise your blog and website to ensure the existence of the website or to earn passive revenue simply by blogging each month.

If you are not able to get approved by Google Adsense or your Google Adsense account has been banned or you are simply looking for the best monetizer to start making money online with your website then you should try this best Google Adsense alternatives.

Top 10 alternatives to Google AdSense to make more revenue

  • Media.net
  • Amazon Bounty Program
  • VigLink
  • BySellAds
  • Skimlinks
  • PropellerAds
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Taboola

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives ‎for 2020


Media.net is one of the best alternatives  Google Adsense sponsored by bing and yahoo.Media.net privileges high-quality ads which are also high paying ads. One of the major conditions to fulfill before you can monetize your blog or website via Media.Net is to have a good quality blog and should be receiving daily traffic from countries like USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia

For the purpose of this article, we tried different ads networks and what we can say about MediaNet is that it is the second ad network that maintains ads quality after Google Adsense.

Media.net just needs two days to review a blog to decide whether they are approving it or not making their review process faster than that of Google AdSense that needs up to 3 days.

By monetizing your blog with Media.Net you have greater chances of getting relevant ads on your blog and website and also make enough money from them.

The Media.net payment threshold is $100 and is paid each month. You can deice to be paid via wire transfer or via PayPal each when you reach the payment threshold.

Website: https://www.media.net/

 Amazon Bounty Program

Amazon Bounty Program is another good alternative to Google AdSense for monetizing your blog traffic by promoting relevant bounties. The payment method here is completely different from that of Adsense, you receive a fixed commission from each referral. If you are promoting prime pantry then you will receive $3 for each person that that signup for a 30-day free trial.

Bounty commission varies, All bounty have description, commission fee, starting date, ending date, type, categories, affiliate links, banners, and more.

To maximize your gains on Amazon Bounty Program you first need to understand your audience in order to pick the best bounty to promote on your blog or website.

You will start receiving your payments after 60 days. you can decide to be paid by Direct Deposit, Amazon.com gift Card, or by Check. Direct deposit is however the best payment method and if you are found out of the USA you can still use Payoneer to get your payment within 2-3 days max.


Chitika is another popular ad network offering relevant & similar ads like Google Adsense but the inconvenience is that CPC is low when compared to that of Adsense and others. Users of Chitika have full control over the ads and can customize it according to their wishes to maximize profit.

What makes Chitika figure in these top 10 best alternatives to Google Adsense even though it has be shutdown is that it was possible to be used together with Google Adsense. Chitika ads just like that of Adsense are search targeted meaning ads shown to visitors on your website are based on what they typed in search engines like google and bing.

Ads are also displayed according to the visor ocation.

Even though you can use Chitika and Google Adsense on the same blog or website does not mean you should fill your website with ads because the period were people were visiting websites full of ads has come to an end, even Google will penalize you if you have too many ads on your website.

You can apply for  Chitika account independently of the amount of traffic you are having and also the age of your blog does not matter.

Chitika has the lowest payment threshold, The minimum payment via PayPal is $5 , via check is $50 and for direct deposit is $10,000.


Viglink is another great alternative to Google Adsense, Monetization method on VigLink is completely different from that of AdSense, instead of getting paid by click you are paid per affiliate sale.

VigLink converts external link into affiliate link meaning if a visitor on your block buy something by following your link you earn a commission. Viglink deducts 25% as commission and you get paid 75% in your account.

If you are having good content about mobile phones, software, or any other equipment that is generating high traffic then you should try VigLink and I can assure you would not regret it.

Viglink is a best alternative to google Adsense but you can still use it together with Adsense as it complies with AdSense policy and that of other networks.

Your blog age or traffic is not considered for getting approval, just visite the VigLink website and signup for an account and start converting your external links to affiliate links to earn money online.

Viglink minimum payment amount is $10 and you can get paid via PayPal after 60 days. Visite VigLink to monetize your website https://www.viglink.com/


Infolinks is a great alternative to google Adsense, here you have 100% chances of getting approved.No one is rejected.No minimum amount of visitors or page views is required, unlike other Google Adsense alternatives. Setting up an infolinks account is very easy and bloggers have full control over the ads, they can choose the color of the ads according to their blog theme and also try the different ad units to see which one is working best for them.

Infolinks has 4 types of ad units; Inframe,  Intag, Intext, and Infold. The most popular ad unit among bloggers is the Intext ad unit as it does not require extra space. It works by highlighting keywords on your blog and displaying highly targeted & relevant ads when a visitor point at them with a mouse.

30% of what you gain per ads is deducted as commission and you are left with 70%. The minimum amount for payment is $50 and you can get paid directly via Western Union, Paypal, Payoneer, and eCheck after 45 days.


Bysellads is another top alternative to google Adsense, here you make money with your blog by selling ads space on your blog or website.

You can make huge revenues if you get your blog approved. Some conditions for getting approved need to be fulfilled, for getting approved your blog must received at least 100k monthly impression.

You can get approved on bysellads only if your blog is in English as it is the only supported language. There are equally different types of ads: banner ads, RSS ads, text ads, Tweet ads, and Text image ads. Bysellads takes 4-5 days to review your website before deciding if they approve or decline it.

Bysellads keeps 25% of your revenue per banner sold and you get 75% paid into your account. Meaning if you gain a sold of %100 bysellads deducts %25 and you are left with $75.

Boggers are granted full control over the ads, you have the ability to accept or reject any advertiser offers, once you accept an offer before it starts showing on your blog.

The minimum payment threshold on bysellads is $20 PayPal, $50 Check, $500 Wire and you can have two checkouts every month.


Skimlinks is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog or website to make money online. This monetizer works just like VigLink by converting your outbound links into affiliate links.

The main difference between Skimlinks and VigLink is that you don’t need to apply to individual merchants separately, once you got a Skimlinks account you immediately gain access to 20,000+ merchants.

If you are just from starting a new blog then you should consider getting approved by Skimlinks as top monetizers like google Adsense privileges only blogs with high traffic and which are also 3 months old. Skimlinks also provide plugins to help users.

The minimum payout amount is $10 which can be deposited on your PayPal account and the payment duration is 30 days.

Skimlinks is similar to VigLink try each of them an adopt the one that works best for you.


Propellerads is another good alternative to Google Adsense even though they do not work in a similar way. Propellerads is a CPM network meaning you are paid for every 100 views while google AdSense is a CPC network that pays per click.

propellerads has 4 different types of ad formats; Push Notifications, Native Ads, Native interstitials, and Onclick Ads. You can try each of the formats and choose the best for your blog.

20% of what you gain per ads is deducted and you are left with 80%. This top alternative to monetize your blog content.

Another important fact on this monetizer is that you can use it alongside with google Adsense and it does not affect your SEO. If you are having at least the 10k views monthly then you should be making much money from this Google Adsense alternative.

The payment threshold on propellerads is fixed at $100 for the first time and after $25 for all other payment methods except wire transfer which is  $500.The different payment methods include; Paypal, Prepaid Cards, Wire, Payoneer and you start receiving your payments after 30 days.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon native shopping ads is a top alternative to Google AdSense.It does not work as google Adsense, here you are not paid per click but one some buy something using your affiliate link.

You earn 4-8% as commission each time someone uses your link to purchase.

Amazon native shopping ads have 3 different types of ad formats; recommended ads, search ads, and custom ads. Only relevant and high paying ads will be displayed on your blog after scanning the content of every post.

You can easily insert the ad code on your website by using WordPress plugin Ad inserter or Ad injection.

If you are getting important traffic from the USA, then it will reveal to be the best Google Adsense alternative for you.

For payments, you can decide to get paid by Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Amazon Gift Cards.



Taboola is one of the best monetizer to use if your blog is about viral content or news, gossip, and more. This is another best Google Adsense alternative, it also pays per click.

The number one condition to get approved by Taboola is to get at least 500,000 monthly page views. High paying Taboola ads widgets are found at the end of a post or article.

There is no minimum payment threshold on Taboola meaning you can get paid any amount you desire. You can get paid via Payoneer after 45 days of any amount of your choice.


We have presented you with the best Google Adsense Alternatives to monetize any websites or blogs. These top Google AdSense alternatives are high paying. There exist other different methods for monetizing a blog or website like using affiliate marketing programs like Clickbank or by selling reviews or ebooks.

All the different monetizers listed above are the best alternatives to Google AdSense to get you website monetized and triple your revenue. You can still use some of the alternatives to Google Adsense together with Google Adsense.

What is the best Google AdSense alternative according to you? Do you know any good way of monetizing a blog/website?HAve already tested several monetizer, kindly share the knowledge on the best alternatives to Google Adsense in the comment box below with us.


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