Easy Freelance Jobs for Beginners – No Experience Needed

make money online with fiverr

Best freelance jobs for beginners, easy fiverr gigs
Best freelance jobs for beginners, easy fiverr gigs

Start making money online with these freelance jobs for beginners with no experience or skills needed. There are the most simple gigs every one can do. Freelance jobs for beginners that work.

Easy Freelance jobs

so you want to earn a little bit of extra money on the side well have you considered doing freelance jobs on Fiverr. fiverr.com provides on-demand freelance services and it’s a perfect opportunity for freelancers to earn a little bit of extra income and in this blog post I will cover 12 easy Fiverr gigs that you could do as a freelancer with little to no experience such as;

Social media management
Instagram shoutouts
Holding a message blog comments
Voiceover artist
Virtual assistant
Transcribing audio
Blog content writing
WordPress support


And best of all Fiverr covers a wide range of freelance jobs like in graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translations, video and animation, business and even fun and lifestyle so you’ll easily find the right Fiverr job for you.

So how do you make money on Fiverr? a Fiverr gig is bought every five seconds and they’ve already completed twenty-five million projects and the price range is anywhere between five and ten thousand now this has only recently changed and previously all gigs for $5 but now typically gigs are around the 10 to 20 dollar. So how do you make money on Fiverr well first of all you…..

easy fiverr gigs
which fiverr job to do


Sign up for a free account and you find a gig or a job that you like to do and then you can offer your work to a global audience.No matter the language you speak or whether English isn’t your first language, people that come to Fiverr looking for freelancers just want to get the work well done. so once you’ve created a gig you place it on Fiverr and then you go on social media and promote your work now. Fiverr does have a lot of traffic itself so you might be lucky enough to get a few gigs to start with and you’ll get notified when you get an order you complete the order and the tip here is to over-deliver because even though it’sonly costing them five or ten dollars you want to get referrals and that’s the best way to develop your freelance business on Fiverr so once you’ve done the work you get paid so that’s Fiverr in a nutshell.

Let’s have a look at some of these easy freelance jobs you can do on Fiverr. Now social media is still the best way to promote your content whether it’s via a blog or a YouTube. go onto social media and start promoting as much as you can, you can also run some Facebook ads to attract more clients. This may, however, take a longer period than what you expect since people are aware of this and some are quite happy to outsource. We have gigs like this;


I will create and manage your Facebook ads

Now it’s a fairly premium product but it just goes to show what is possible on Fiverr but if you don’t have a lot of experience you could just start with a simple Fiverr gig like this it’s perfect for freelancers that have a little bit of extra time to devote to earning extra money in this gig.

fiverr facebook management
Creat and manage people fcebook pages and get paid

 I will do social media management for your business

So for the basic package, they offer to posts every day basic management promotion and they also promote getting your social media page on Google results within seven days by organic growth. when you acquire more experience in the domain you can offer a premium product and by using a professional product like HootSuite which will help you to manage all your social media from one place, scheduled posts, and track performance for your clients wherever you are and on any device.


built your social media following on Instagram

people will actually pay you money to give them a shout-out or even to repost some of their Instagram pictures. Now the amount of money you’re going to make it depends on the size of your Instagram account and so this particular gig gives you an Instagram shout-out to over 90,000 House architecture followers and for a little bit extra they’ll give you a permanent post shoutout so don’t forget to leverage your social media accounts on a Fiverr it’ll give you a little bit of extra income and it’s not going to take you much time at all.

Another fun Fiverr gig is holding someone’s image logo or message

easy fiver gigs
fiver gigs for beginners

Now, this particular one will hold your image logo or message by this actor or any other person on a beach or any other place that suits you. A Fiverr gig had over 1000 reviews so there’s a lot of demand so for $5.00 you basically get this lady holding your message on a sign but there are some extras you can get a full HD quality video you can get some music added some additional text. This is one of the most important facts about Fiverr. Fiverr make sure that every one get an upsell on some gig extras.

Another easy fire gig is a blog comment

Have you ever been to a blog and there’s just one comment or even worse this is zero comments. it’s hardly gonna start a conversation so what people do is they head over to fiver and they find a gig where people make manual blog comments if we have a look at this gig here I will leave five menu blog comments on blogs in your niche charges ten US dollars and has done over 1000 reviews.

so that means they’ve actually done over a thousand gigs. sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it and they provide manual blog comments 100% handwritten and 100% niche relevant and 100% awesome. so manual blog comments on Fiverr help turn your blog from a boring to amazing blog. You need zero experience to do this Fiverr gig it’s one of the easiest freelance jobs you’ll ever find on any freelancing platform.

voice over artist

It is a little bit more complicated but it doesn’t really require any skill you just require a little bit of extra equipment like a decent quality microphone which you can get on Amazon and then you may also download some free software like audacity. You can use audacity to produce some high-quality sound editing. Now the quality for voiceovers does not have to be pretty good all you need is the right microphone. You may also set up a studio but it doesn’t really require any skills as everybody has a unique voice and you’ll be surprised at what people are looking for on the internet. An Australian voice-over artist had over 1000 reviews and for 75 words it costs five US dollars and if you professionally trained or work as an actor well it’s a great way to earn extra money.

voice over artist
fiverr gig voice over


On the side, if you’ve got extra time you can help someone that doesn’t and be somebody’s virtual assistant on Fiverr let’s take a look at one of these gigs

 I will be your virtual assistant

For around 25 US dollars they will take care of tasks for four hours like a phone call handling, typing, or even doing web research. So if you’ve got a few extra hours and want to earn a little bit of extra income consider listing a virtual assistant job on Fiverr you really don’t need any experience you just need to be an extra pair of helping hands.


Now if you’ve ever written a few hundred words or even ten thousand you’ll know that going over the same words over and over again it’s hard to pick out grammar and even spelling mistakes so let’s take a look at one of these proofreading gigs.

proofreading gigs

For five US dollars you’ll get up to 2,000 words proof-read but if proofreading isn’t one of your strong points well here’s a little tip for you, go ahead and download the Grammarly tool. it’s a free plugin for Chrome and it will help you not only with your spelling but it will also improve your grammar.


This is another easy freelance job. If you’re able to speak more than one language because as the world opens up globally people want to share their work with others from other countries and this may require a written translation so let’s take a look at this translation gig.

I will translate English to Spanish

Ultra-high quality results had over 613 reviews and charges around about $20 for expert translation up to 500 words. So if you are fluent in more than one language consider starting a Fiverr gig with translations and even though the basic job starts at around about 20 US dollars there’s always the upsell. To more premium products

Providing transcriptions in your YouTube videos is actually quite a good SEO hack and if you do webinars or podcasts you can republish a transcription on your blog so this is another service that’s available on Fiverr and here’s an example

 I will provide reliable transcription services

Transcribe audio or video you get 15 minutes transcription per five dollars now the thing with transcribing is you can take your time so you don’t even need to be very good at it you just have to stop the video along the way as you’re typing it out. of course the faster typing speed you have the quicker you’ll get these gigs done and again don’t forget about the gig extras where you can charge more.

If you actually deliver it within 12 to 24 hours and if you know another language you can earn a little bit extra for bilingual transcriptions.

Blog content writing

Another super-easy freelance job on Fiverr is blog writing. now the reason why I say it’s easy because there’s an opportunity for arbitrage that is you charge one price on fiber and you outsource it to someone who charges less let’s take a look at one of these blog writing examples

I will handle your blog  content and write SEO articles

Writing now if we go down to the actual package for 20 US dollars you were getting one blog post of around 500 words. Now if I told you there was another site that could provide 500 words for less than $20. For an elite standard blog post we can get 500 words for eleven dollars now we go back to a Fiverr and we can sell the same package for twenty there’s certainly an arbitrage between other writing services and fiverr and you could save even more if you’re prepared to do a little bit of editing and rework yourself because the standard package delivers 500 words for three dollars.

easy freelancing jobs
do on-page SEO and get paid

Personally I would be too greedy and I would go with the elite standard on a writer to save you from doing a lot of work essentially you’ll just become a middleman now you can also charge more for a better quality but if you deliver an elite standard in a silver package and you’re still making around $10 per gig that’s a pretty good deal. So even if you’re not a real freelance writer you could go ahead and market your content to another site like a writer.

WordPress support gig on Fiverr

If you’ve got some WordPress skills you could offer those as fiver gigs. It all depends on the skills you have, you can write and modify plugins or help people fix some issues on their WordPress page or even build a whole WordPress site for them. There are lots of opportunities for freelancers on WordPress.There are lots of jobs on Fiverr and they charge a pretty good price.

 I will develop your WordPress site

So their basic package is a one-page site in WordPress now this is pretty easy to do and as you can see the price increases the more work you need to do. But the thing about WordPress is that they use WordPress themes and they’re quite powerful so you could quite easily just add a theme into a WordPress site and create one page for around about half an hour’s work so it’s a pretty good gig and WordPress is the most popular blogging or website platform on the internet today.

So I think we’ve covered most freelance job ideas maybe we haven’t touched on graphic design

If you think you are able to provide some special skills to provide graphic design gigs for people but there are some gems in here as well and if we talk of infographics we can see there’s a whole market on Fiverr for people wanting infographics.

Infographics are pretty easy and usually, the person buying the gig will provide you with all the stats. you just need to put it into a graphical format, and to help you with this process there are various free software companies out there providing infographic services. You just have to go ahead and find a template that suits the infographic that you’re putting together and you plug in the data. you could use a free product like canvas and go ahead and use their templates for infographics.

so even if you’re not a graphic artist you can still offer your freelancing service on Fiverr and if you provide a quality service in a short amount of time you can charge a decent price for your services. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time for today if you want to learn more about fiver check my all post on freelancing and if you’ve already started using Fiverr don’t forget to share your easy freelance jobs in the comments below anyway until next time.

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I hope this article will help you to find the best and easy freelance job that you can perform to start making money online.

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