Coronavirus pandemic ending on 27 march 2020 prophecy by prophet Tbjoshua

The end of corona virus prophesy
The end of corona virus 27 march 2017

The coronavirus pandemic which started in china in December 2019 in the province of Wuhan and which has almost set half on the globe in quarantine has been predicted an ending date 27 march 2020 according to the celeb Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua


The virus COVID19  locally named as Chinese virus as it was the first place where it was detected. Coronavirus has now contaminated almost half of the glope forcing people to self-quarantine hoping to stop the spread. Coronavirus has been professed an ending date by a Nigerian prophet TB Joshua who declared that the coronavirus pandemic was going to end on March 27, 2020, exactly as it started.

Is Coronovirus ending date prophecy going to realize?

To date, the coronavirus Covid-19 has infected more than 300 000 people in 165 countries. At first, it was china that registers the greatest number of deaths but there are know capable of containing the spread of the virus. The country that actually has the greatest number of people infected by the coronavirus is Italy with more than 600 deaths each day. The prophet declared on his Christian television channel Emmanuel TV,  that the deadly virus plaguing the world will disappear on March 27, 2020. He called on his viewers to remain in prayer.

The prophet had prophesied 11 prophecies on December 28, 2019, and apparently, 3 of them come true. all hope that his prophecy on the covid19 coronavirus will come true as the meantime, follow the WHO recommended hygiene rules to protect yourself from the covid-19 coronavirus

How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

first of all, it is essential to practice hand hygiene and the eviction of visibly sick people.

Daily actions to prevent the spread of the virus

Wash hands frequently and properly: Washing your hands properly (with soap and water) minimizes the risk of being contaminated after touching a surface that has been previously contaminated by a sick person. wash your hand each time you are from outing .it also recommended washing your hands every 1 hour if possible.

Have hydro-alcoholic gel on you, since it is not always possible to find a water point and soap when leaving a public place. If you no longer find it in pharmacies, it is possible to make it at home.

Maintain a “social” distance: a safety distance of one meter between yourself and a person who coughs or sneezes is necessary. By respecting this distance you have greater chances of not getting affected by droplets from the nose or mouth that may contain the virus.

Avoid shaking hands or kissing each other to greet each other.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes: the nose, eyes, and mouths are all possible “entry points” for the virus, avoid touching them with infected hands.

Practice good respiratory hygiene: cough and sneeze into the crease of his elbow or into a tissue that will be immediately thrown can help to limit the spread of coronavirus.

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Use disposable tissues.

Limit movements to what is strictly necessary.

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