Finding the best cheap car insurance in California has become tedious due to the increasing number of car insurance companies that are entering the market and adding more competition. In this article, we are going to expose the best car insurance in California and how exactly to get the cheapest auto insurance rate that is available to you.

The common mistake we make while shopping for car insurance is approaching only the companies that are most heavily advertised, the first insurance company that comes to mind when we are thinking of insuring our car is not necessarily the one that will guarantee you the best rate. The best way of getting a cheaper car insurance rate is shopping around for as many quotes as you can. This is mainly because different insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverage.

Best Car Insurance In California

California has the highest population in the US with nearly 40 million people owing cars making it to attract more car insurance companies than any other state.these car insurance companies are launching into a mad battle to have the most customers and this makes it difficult to know which is the best. We have analyzed rates from 13 of the largest car insurers in California and found the cheapest for you with some additional bonuses.


Esurance is a good option for you if you wish to build your own policy and customize it according to your needs. This insurance company has a streamlined quote system and lots of add-on options like gap coverage and custom equipment. Esurance grants a 5% discount for your first-term as premium and a paid-in-full discount on your entire plan.


Allstate insurance has all the coverage options one could expect and some few add-ons to give you extra peace of minds such as sound system and towing coverage. Allstate has several discounts like the options that enable safe drivers to save a lot of money on their insurance rates.

Auto Club

Auto Club scores come 3rd in our list due to the strong variety of discounts it provides for its members. The discounts offered by the auto club insurance include: getting a discount for driving safely, insuring multiple cars, or bundling with another insurance product.


Ameriprise took  4 out of 5 in the latest report. It scored the highest in Price, Billing, and Overall Satisfaction in all categories you may want an insurance provider to do well in.

Ameriprise offers a wide variety of discounts and has some interesting benefits for everyone. When you up your membership status you can get a windshield deductible waiver as well as accident travel expense coverage as it’s primarily sold through Costco.


Wawanesa and Ameriprise are basically equal, but Wawanesa ahead Ameriprise out when it comes to price. Its customers give it 5 out of 5 for the cost of their premiums.

Wawanesa insurance also stands out for several reasons, it has a fully functioning mobile app and a strong web presence. Wawanesa posts more details about its insurance company on the internet making the most transparent car insurance company in California.


Geico is one of the most popular car insurance companies in California because of its low rates and discount options. Geico offers discounts for safe driving, good students, military members, and senior drivers. Geico insurance also provides exclusive discounts to federal employees and an emergency deployment discount.


USAA is an auto insurance company that exclusively serves the military and their family members. It has the least expensive auto insurance rates for people who are eligible, and some discounts to lower the cost even more.

What makes auto club cooler is that you can install AAAdrive app on your phone which analysis your driving habits and if the app likes what it sees that is your score on the safe driver scale, you can save more than what you could expect on your premium.

Qualities of a Good Auto Insurance to Use when comparing

Before getting insurance from a company or agency it would be best to ask yourself the question, what is good auto insurance? because you have needs and want to know which auto insurance agency or company covers your needs and those that do not.

However, whatever your profile, it is essential to take stock of different criteria for selecting car insurance.

Guarantees: you will not need to cover the same risks depending on the type of car you own or the experience you have behind the wheel, for example. Certain guarantees will be useless for one insured profile and completely essential for another. So be careful with the guarantees offered by the various insurers.

Exclusions and contract clauses: Each insurance contract has warranty exclusions, it will be necessary to carefully study the clauses of your contract to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Deductibles and indemnity limits: It is very important to know the number of deductibles applied in the event of a claim and accident as well as the indemnity ceilings when taking out your car insurance policy. An attractive offer with very low contributions can hide very high deductibles and fairly low reimbursement ceilings.

The price: detail not to be overlooked, of course! The quality/price ratio is one of the main advantages of the best car insurance according to your profile.

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Auto insurance guarantees

  • Liability guarantee: the minimum guarantee to subscribe for your car. It covers personal injury and material damage that you may cause.
  • Theft guarantee: covers the disappearance or deterioration of the insured vehicle following theft or attempted theft.
  • The fire guarantee: you are compensated for damage due to fire or explosion of the vehicle, whether it is of an accidental origin (electric short circuit, lightning, storm, etc.) or following an act of vandalism.
  • Glass breakage guarantee: compensates you following an accident or an act of vandalism causing breakage of the glass surfaces of your vehicle.
  • Storm and natural disaster guarantee: your insurer protects you in the event of a disaster caused by a natural disaster (floods, storms, fires, avalanches, landslides, etc.).
  • Assistance guarantee: in the event of an accident, your insurer provides you with logistical assistance (breakdown assistance, towing, repatriation, etc.).
  • the driver’s personal guarantee, which covers the costs of injury or death of the driver, when the latter is responsible for the accident or that no third party has been identified.
  • legal protection guarantee which provides you with support in the event of a dispute with a third party.
  • material damage: as an all-risk insured, you are compensated for damage caused to your vehicle in the event of a responsible accident. If the claim was caused by a third party, the insurer of the faulty driver will bear all of the compensation costs.
  • damage to the driver: bodily injury, medical, hospital, or surgical costs. This formula also covers loss of income due to sick leave or even the cost of a funeral in the event of death.
  • “All accidents” damage: whatever the nature of the accident (in a car park, in a parking lot, in the event of vandalism, etc.), you are covered by your insurer.

How to Get the Best Auto Insurance rate in California

Utilize this trick to get the cheapest car insurance available. When we want to discover the cheapest car insurance rate that is available to us we use this free service (toll-free) at +1(855)981-7528. Toll-free is specialized in locating the cheapest car insurance rates, they perform all the tedious task of shopping around for the best car insurance rates and present you only the list of the cheapest auto insurance providers in your location. Toll-free service is used by many people to find the best car insurance company before their car insurance expires. Toll-free services also allow to discover whether there are cheaper car insurance rate than ours and have helped us to put a little bit of money by the side and best of all it’s completely free.

The best sites to compare car insurance quotes


Compere 10 best auto insurance rates. Find & compare your best rates in 2 minutes. Get competing for auto insurance rates from the 30 the largest insurance providers.Quoteble .com


Insurify is a great free insurance comparison website that provides real-time, accurate quotes from top insurance companies in the U.S.The website interface is pretty easy to use. Get the best car insurance quote in few

Generates real-time quotes from multiple insurance providers, quotes for home, health, and small business insurance. also, use tools to help you choose the best car loans and mobile phone plans for you and your

The zebra

The Zebra is another free auto insurance comparison website which is very popular in the united state. The zebra has a few articles on how to choose the best car insurance, a car insurance calculator, and much other relevant information concerning all types of insurance.


California car insurance laws

California has some unique laws that aren’t present in other states. These laws help make car insurance more accessible to certain drivers.

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