Work online from the comfort of the house and earn up to $ 500 monthly. Are you a freelancer or you just heard of freelancing and you wish to be one and start earning money, Then you should try this other popular freelancing platforms similar to Fiverr where you can carry out a simple task like translating, image editing, Facebook and Instagram account management and get paid.

These are the best sites like Fiverr or alternatives sites to Fiverr where you can get online jobs and earn money even with the coronavirus lockdown.

Best of all you can hire someone and get your work done within a duration on these freelancing websites similar to Fiverr.

8 Best Fiverr Alternatives:
8.99 Designs


Top 8 Best Sites Like Fiverr in 2020


personally I’ve had a lot of success with what is Upwork? well up work is a global announcing platform where businesses and freelancers from all around the world can connect and collaborate on certain jobs. The freelance company connects businesses with great talent to work without any limitations. So does that mean I can offer my fabulous writing skills on there and earn big bucks hard cash real money? yes, you can.  If I can do it then you can see a park is open to all firms agencies professionals and financers so a virtual assistant living in the US can provide services to a company in Denmark.

Upwork is one of the fastest-growing freelancing websites. There are over 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients on upwork freelancing platform on the globe. There are thousands of job categories on Upwork among which you can choose the one that fits you and start making money online.

Just as Fiverr and other freelancing platforms, Upwork fixes no limit the amount you can get paid for a job. Upwork has a chat service were buyers and freelancers can communicate and better understand each other. Upwork freelancers are paid directly by wired transfer or direct transfer.

Upwork deduct 20% from your fist $500 then 10% the rest of the time.


Seoclerks is a freelancing platform basically for the exchange of SEO services. If you have some knowledge of SEO this could be a good platform for you to make extra money online.SEO services that can be hired on seoclerks like link building, webpage optimization, keyword research, YouTube channel growth, blog posting, and many more.

Its pretty simple to start making money with SEOClearks online, all you have to do is visite seoclearks website and create an account wich free. when you register to make sure you verify your account then move to seller-sell-sell service, make use of professional graphic designs and good titles to attract buyers.

SEOClearks keep 20% from all the successful transactions. Meaning if you complete a job and get paid $10 SEO clerks will deduct its 20% and send $8 to your wallet. Use SEOClearks affiliate link to earn a 10% commission of all orders.

Seocleark is the best place like Fiverr to buy cheap SEO services. Before buying a service on Seoclearks make sure you read reviews of other buyers, check the rating, ask for a sample, and never buy backlinks from unknown sources. Methods of payment on seoclearks are PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin.


Truelancer is another best website just a Fiverr. Here there are more than 1 million freelancers that offer their services.

Just like all existing freelancing websites you can buy or hire freelancing services on nearly all categories like graphic designing, web designing, app development, voice-overs, translation services, and more.

Jobs on truelancer are hired according to location. Truelancer acts as a middleman connecting buyers and freelancers to ensure both parties are satisfied. Truelancer charges a fee of 8-10% to all the buyers and payment methods include Payoneer, Bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer Bank transfers, and PayPal.

Download the Android and Ios app of truelancer to get jobs done on the go.


This is another freelancing platform like Fiverr with more than 12,206,062 Total Jobs Posted and 24,855,463 Registered Users in 247 countries. Jobs of all categories like writing, data entry, designing,  sales, marketing, Facebook management, SEO services, accounting, and any other legal services are posted on freelance.

The creation of an account on freelance is free but you charged 10% of your earnings. You can reduce the charge by signing up for a  premium account. Freelancer has the most trustable payment methods for these industries.


one of the oldest popular freelancing platforms.PeoplePerHour freelancing website link freelancers and employers who want to work together that is to sell or buy digital services online.

Peopleperhour disposes of several work categories ranging from web design, translation, wedding card development, logo design, on-page SEO, content writing, and more. Any beginner in freelancing or advanced freelancers visiting PeoplePerHour will found a job that suits him without stress.

You are an employer and you get a digital work you want to be donned, post it on PeoplePerHour, and freelancers would immediately be notified and you would start receiving proposals from talented freelancers who are the best qualified to do the job.

Peopleperhour compered to Fiver keeps just a small percentage of all that you gain working on their platform. People per hour take just 3.5% of your sales which is very small compared to Fiverr and other popular freelancing websites.


Guru is a popular freelancing platform which is a great alternative to Fiverr. The website has succeeded in establishing a trustful relation between buyers and sellers of freelance services.

Guru calls its freelancers gurus. Guru has over 3,400,000 job categories available among which you can choose the one that suits you and start making money online. Guru claims to have paid over $200 million to freelance workers on its platform.

Getting a job donned on guru is very easy. The freelance platform is very intuitive facilitating freelancers to browse the different jobs available and bid, do the job, and get paid in a secure environment just like Fiverr.


project4hire is another popular freelance website were can hire or do freelance jobs just a Fiverr. Compare to other freelance platform project4hire offers a smaller number of job categories, the network emphasizes mostly on programming jobs like graphic artists, writers, virtual assistants, HR consultants, web developers, and other jobs that can only be donned by freelance programmers.

The easy communication between buyers and sellers of freelance service and also the secured payment methods of the website is what but it’s among the list of the top Fiverr alternatives.

99 Designs

This is the place to hire freelance service if your job is more related to designing(both graphics & code-dependent). A good Fiverr alternative

99 design is the best freelance website where you can buy high-quality design services. Get your logo design,  WordPress themes building, App designs, Business cards, Product packaging, Instagram and Facebook account growth, Book covers, Posters, conversion-boosting emails, Landing pages, Infographic, T-shirt designs, and many more.

use the 99 design filter to get the best person to get your job donned. Filter freelancer workers by category, industries, designer level, and languages.

There are only professional freelancer workers on 99 design. The platform gives only chances to a freelance worker to sign up on the platform when you are rejected the first time you have to wait for 365 days before trying to create an account again. This feature helps to eliminated unqualified freelance workers that want to join the 99 designs website.


There are many Fiverr alternatives were could get a job done or propose your services on the internet which haven’t been listed above and they include; FiverUP, Croud Spring, WorkNHire, Microworkers, Toptal.

Ending word

Fiverr is the number leading platform for the selling and buying of freelance services on the internet but due to its popularity it has become difficult to obtain a work to do on the platform and that is one of the reasons that pushed our team Meduznet to carry on some researches to bring out other sites like Fiverr where you can easily buy and sell your freelance services.

If there is any popular Fiverr alternative you want us to make a review kindly drop your request in the comment box below and going to the most honest review possible for you.


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