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best free vpn
best vpn of 2020

Do free VPN actually guarantee security or perhaps are harmful? many Internet users are asking the question, the meduznet team gives you an overview of the topic and suggests you the best free VPN you can use in 2020.

Best Free VPN: Are free VPN safe and can they be trusted?

Most often, to obtain the best VPN you have to spend some few dollars to get the satisfaction you wish. would free VPN creat exception to these rules?

Few people are ready to pay for VPN services thus making some VPN providers to set up free VPN services for unsuspecting Internet users.

When it comes to money many people will desert. If free VPN providers are not often legit it is not for nothing. Paid VPN services do not only use the money they gain to have pleasure. All the money obtained by paid VPN services is used by the providers for enhancement like getting the latest and most efficient encryption techniques, adding their number of servers worldwide, ensure a stable and fastest connection for downloads, and developing VPN apps compatible with all platforms and which are also userfriendly.

Free VPN providers always have to sacrifice something either the privacy, speed or the quality of their services. Running a VPN service costs money and if a  VPN provider does not charge any price to its users it means they may gaining money by selling personal data including your email address or even personal phone number, and your lcation, to third parties. Free VPNs Are Potentially Unsafe Instead of protecting your online privacy by using a VPN, you’re actually jeopardizing it. Thus you are more exposed compared to someone that is not using a VPN, which is exactly the opposite of what you are looking for. Many experts would advise using paid VPN services than free ones to guarantee the best of security online.

Are free VPN apps really secure?

Many internet users do not actually know the danger that is behind the provision of their personal information like their email address or phone number in exchange for free VPN service. This can have serious repercussions, especially if your data is sold to malicious third parties or if your free VPN service provider does not invest in security and experiences a data leak. some studies made on VPN have revealed that not all VPN providers are legit. Free VPN apps may compromise your security in the following ways:

Tracking your online activities.

some studies made have revealed that about 72% of free VPNs embed third parties trackers in their software. These trackers gather data on your online activities so that advertisers can better target you with ads. This is exactly the contrary to what a VPN is intended for. Only 28% of VPNs are tracker free.

Compromising security

The primary purpose of VPNs being of ensuring security online, others rather expose us to hackers and malware. Free VPNs are much more likely to contain malware and most of the malware is related to advertising.

Slow internet connection

Some VPN apps or providers may deliberately slow down the internet connection of their users to encourage them to subscribe to the premium options. This is the case with some VPNs like proton VPN.some free VPN providers also limit the amount of data you can use pushing you to upgrade for a paid plan.

Which free VPNs can we trust?

Fortunately, they are still some free VPN providers who are honest and caring. Some VPN providers offer free VPN service while others provide free trial together with paid subscriptions but limit the connection speed, limits monthly data and even the number of servers you can access.

Here is the list of some Reliable and free VPN wich you can found on the internet that really works and guarantee the security it is intended for. is a VPN service that gives access to 3 locations out of 30 to its users but limits the monthly data to 2Gb.To get the full functionalities of this VPN you have to subscribe to premium offers.

Tunnelbear Tunnelbear even though it is only possible of using only a monthly average data of 500Mb for free, its popularity is increasing days after days as it enables it users to gain more data by writing some tweets for Tunnelbear advertisement.

Skyvpn  with this VPN you can get premium traffic by watching ads or by inviting friends to join you. It is also compatible with all the platforms

Hotspot Shield   Hotspot shield this VPN does not limit the amount of data that you can transfer or download making it more popular among internet users but the problem is that it has a slow speed for the free users and shows a lot of ads which may compromise security.

we have been talking of VPN time has come to talk of Opera the only browser that has been integrated VPN functionalities. Opera browser has ads and tracker blockers to enable you to access your favorite content online without disturbances.

The Benefits of a Premium VPN

You don’t necessarily have to take risks with free VPN. Just with few dollars pere months, you can enjoy the many benefits of a premium VPN.we have outlined some of the benefits of using a premium VPN

  • Bypass Geoblocks
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Faster Speeds
  • Security guarantee
  • Multiple device protection


What is said to be free may turn up being very costly in the long run! Using a free VPN may be economic but if your care about your privacy and security sacrificing the minimum amount of $1 for premium VPN service would not ruin you.

One of the most popular reasons, why people make use of a VPN, is for accessing Netflix overseas. For this, you need a premium VPN  VyprVPN


Opera gx browse-the gaming browser





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