These are the best free video editing software every YouTuber or any person who wants to edit videos should be using. Video editing is an art and to carry the art beyond the limits, all video editors need tools which is video editing software application. All video editing software is developed using a different algorithm that’s why each of them has a specific function. To help you choose the video editing software that is best for you, we have built up the list of the 10 best free video editing software in 20020.

These are the top 10 best free video editors chosen for you;

  1. Apple iMovie  
  2. Blender
  3. Lightworks
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. Hitfilm Express
  6. Adobe After Effects
  7. Shotcut
  8. OpenShot
  9. Machete Video Editor Lite
  10. VideoPad

The best free video editing software

Apple iMovie 

Apple iMovie is a popular video editing software developed by Apple. This video editor requires many tutorials when getting started. The latest version of iMovie makes it possible to edit 4k videos from different devices. The most appreciated feature about this video editing software is that any video you are editing on iPhone or iPad can continue Mac without any restriction.

apple imovie video editor
Best video editor for Mac

Apple iMovie has a user-friendly interface that eases navigation. Another great feature that was added to this video editing software is an incorporated basic audio editor.

All modifications done on Imovie can be previsualized before sharing it on youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or saving in the computer gallery. The video editor is only available for apple devices.

To download Imovie video editor, open the Mac app store and search for Imovie and click on download.after it has been installed successfully you can start editing videos of different formats. Imovie is one of the best free youtube video editors.


Blender is a popular animation tool that comes as a benchmark for new PC hardware, Blender allows you to cut videos where ever you want and also to add color gradients to make your videos look how you want them to be.

blender free video editing software
blender easy free video editing software

Blender is one of the best free video editors in the market that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Blender is entirely free to use video editor and includes the following features;

  • Live preview, histogram displays, and luma waveform
  • Scrubbing, waveform visualization, and audio mixing
  • Layers adjustment, keyframes, transitions, filters, and also speed control with many other features.

You can download blender video editor on the official website, Blender is best for 3D animation and modeling. The number of tutorials to help you with the video editor is very limited.


lightworks is one of the best free video editing software, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Lightworks comes with many video editing features but to enjoy all the advanced features you have to spend $25 a month.

lightworks video editor
Powerful video editor

Lightworks common features include youtube video export in 720, High precision video trimming, support Multicam, and also a  wide range of video formats. Lightworks one of the most powerful video editor in this list.

It is very easy to get started with Lightworks when compared to blender and Apple Imovie as it has a wide range of tutorials for beginners and experts.

Lightworks is a powerful video editor incorporating many free advanced features but to get some advanced features like 4K video editing and Vimeo you have to opt for the paid version.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is a popular video editing app popular among beginners and professionals for already many years. Adobe premiere pro video editing app was developed by Adobe in the year 2003.

adobe premiere pro video edting program
Best free video editor of all times

Adobe premiere pro works with other photo editing software and video editing software applications from Adobe, like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and others. When it comes to Raster graphic editor, Adobe premiere pro is among the best.

You can obtain adobe premiere pro full features for just $20.99 month but you can still try the free version for 30 days without paying anything. Download adobe premiere on the official website and start your 30 days free trial and if you are satisfied you can purchase the full pack for about $82.98 a month.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is the best free video editing software that is compatible with Mac Os and Windows operating system.

hitfilm express vidoe editing software
free video editing app that supports 4K video edit

Hitfilm express has all the basic features one could expect like slicing, trimming, and audio editing. If you are opting for the free version then you can have up to 180 special effects for free. In this list, hitfilm express is one of the most professional video editors which may be a little bit confusing for the beginners.

There are lots of tutorials based on the saga transformers to help the users. To download Hitfilm you must post an update on social media and if you want to more advanced features you can get them on Hitfilm express store, there are many add-ons available.

Hitfilm features include; Advanced cutting tools, Audio and video filters, layers and masking, and 3D video support.

Hitfilm Express is a professional video editor that may require much more time to learn the interface than the other free video editors mentioned in this list of the best free video editing software.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe after effects is another popular professional video editing software applications just like adobe photoshop, While adobe premiere pro video editor is used during the video editing stage adobe after effects is used in the post-production process of television production.

adobe after effects video editor
Best video editor from Adobe

The first version of adobe after effects was released in 1993 and since then is getting several updates with more and more professional features.

You can download adobe after effects on adobe website and try the video editing software for free within 30 days before deciding to pay for the full version at $20.99 a month or get the two video editing app (Adobe premiere pro and Adobe after effects) for $52.99 a month.


Shotcut is one of the best free video editing software programs to download on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to cut and joint all your videos for youtube and others.shotcut is an open-source program you can download and use for free with all the features.

shotcut free video editing software for beginners
Simple to use  video editing software for beginners

Shotcut is among the best video editing app that has a full pack of video tutorials to help users when starting editing videos for their youtube Chanel or other social media. The free video editing app was first developed to work only on the Linux operating system but after some time a version for Mac and Windows operating system was launched to serve more people.

Shotcut video editor is one of the free open-source programs that support 4K video editing and also has a user-friendly interface that facilitates navigation.


Openshot is one of the best free open source and one of the best video editing software that is accessible in 73 languages. When compared to apple Imovie and PiTiVi Openshot packs more features and is a multi-platform video editing application for Windows (XP, 7, 8 & 10), Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD.

openshot video editor best for youtube
best for editing Youtube videos

Openshot allow realtime preview, some of its other praise features include;

  • cutting video transitions, clip resizing, rotation …..
  • Openshot video editor allows content creators to create titles, subtitles in 3D animated, and templates.
  • Zooming and snapping.

Openshot is best for youtube video editing for beginners. The number of video tutorials to help video editors and content creators are quite limited.

Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete video editor is only available on Windows and is one of the simplest and best video editors for the binners. The free version of the program does not support audio editing but allowed to completely remove audio for video. To enable the audio editing features you must pay for the full version at $19.95, The paid version of Machete video editor supports more video formats.

Machete Video Editor Lite best for cutting videos
Best free software for cutting videos

Just as the Name indicates “Machete”, the video editing tool is good at cutting videos. You don’t need to watch any advanced tutorial before starting editing your videos with this editor as it is very simple to learn and use.


vdeopad video editor for beginners
free video editing software for beginners

VideoPad is one of the best video editing programs for beginners in multimedia video editing for their family pleasure for their youtube Chanel. The free video editing app is so simple to learn and use making it to be more popular among beginners in multimedia video editing than the professionals.

The video editor makes it very simple to export videos to youtube. Vidoepad supports 3D video editing and also reduces video shakes.


The best video editing software for professionals

  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mobile

  • Quik
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Horizon
  • GoPro


We have present you all the best free video editing software for professional content creators, YouTubers, and for beginners. The best free video editor for beginners is Openshot, VideoPad.The best video editing app for android is Quik and Adobe, Premiere Rush. The best video editing app for professionals is Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

What is the best free video editing software according to you? What is the best free video editing app for youtube video editing? Share your best free video editor with the meduznet community in the comment box below.

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